Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to make a reservation?
The sooner the better. Having plenty of time to work with your specific group and plan           
         accordingly will always work better for both of us! 
If you are sending your coolers to us via UPS, they need to arrive in Salmon 5 days prior to           your launch date. 
Our rental coolers are reserved on a first come first serve basis. We do have plenty of them,           but it's always best to reserve early.

What about last minute reservations?
Many times a group will pick up a last-minute cancellation on either river. Give us a call or              an email asap, and we'll do our best to accommodate for your trip. 
If you're within days of your launch date (no time to UPS coolers and you don't want to rent 
coolers), we'll have the food ready to go in our freezers and can transfer it to your coolers.             This may take a little time (less than an hour), but far better than packing your entire trip                last minute on your own!

How much is the deposit? Is it non-refundable?
The deposit is 50% of your total amount, and it is due at the time of reservation. 
Unfortunately it is non-refundable. As soon as you give us your order, we get to work. Meat           orders at the local butcher are made, cookies are baked and frozen, the bread order goes in, all pre-made items are prepared and frozen, etc. 

What about coolers and dry boxes?
SRFP only needs coolers for your trip. We will give you all your dry goods that you will need 
to disperse amongst all your boat boxes.
As outlined on the food packs page, you have a few options for coolers.

What type of ice system do you use?
Each cooler will have 4 blocks of ice. This is plenty of ice for each cooler, if coolers are kept          closed and not chipped away at for cocktail ice. If your party wants more ice for your group,           please let us know.

Selway River: Do you do food packs for Selway River Trips?
We sure do! Because there are so few permits given for the Selway each year, we don't                 highlight it much on the website. That said - give us a call or send an email, and we'll work 
with you to customize the menu for a Selway River trip and discuss your trip's logistics.

Note to Boatmen:
Each boatman who has a food cooler and any dry goods on his/her boat is responsible to 
know what they are carrying and where those items can be located. If every person takes 
responsibility for his/her own cargo, it will make your meal preparation MUCH easier.
Also, every boatman with a food cooler is responsible for the daily maintenance of your 
cooler food, which includes draining your cooler daily, keeping all food out of the spooge 
water, and removing anything that may have gone bad so that it doesn't affect the other                 items in your cooler. 
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