We have 3 Menu Choices:
   Light and Simple (for hot summer trips)     $44/person/day
  Hot and Hearty (for trips during cold/wet season)         $48/person/day
  River Rich (any time of year)                                            $52/person/day

Please note that all 3 menus are based on a 6 day river trip. If your trip length is different, not a problem! Just let us know your plans, and we can easily accommodate.

Menus are FOOD ONLY. There are other items that you will need to consider if you are renting gear or not using your own river set-up. Items to consider include all breakfast beverages, other beverages, beer, wine, alcohol, lunch paper plates, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, sponges, dish soap, trash bags, etc.
Below there are two other Packs that we offer to account for any of these extra items.

ICE: For each cooler, plenty of ice will be provided no matter how hot the weather! For each cooler, we use 4 blocks of ice. If you require extra ice, please let us know.

Click here for the Order Form

Add 6% Idaho Sales Tax to all orders.
Food Packs
for the Main Salmon River, Middle Fork Salmon River & Selway River
Welcome to Salmon River Food Packs. Please read through this entire page to get all information on our food packs and services offered. This page has EVERYTHING you will want to know about the food packing services we offer.

When you are ready to reserve your food pack or ask any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 208-756-7002. 

Below is a list of:

fill out an 
order form
What is Included? What is Your Responsibility?

All food for breakfast, lunch, dinner listed on the menu you choose.
Spice Kit
Salt and Pepper, cooking PAM, Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, all spices needed for the menu.
Snack Packs
One snack pack per cooler, which includes granola bars, beef jerky, and chocolate treats.

Your Responsibility:
Coolers and Dry Boxes
1) Mail all of your trip's coolers via UPS to us at least 10 days in advance  
2) Rent coolers from us at $8/day/cooler. We have standard 150 quart Igloo coolers 
3) If you are renting gear from somewhere else, such as Blackadar Boating, let
              us know. We will work with Blackadar to pick up your coolers and dry boxes,                                           fill them with food, and return them to Blackadar before your put-in date.
Dry Boxes:
                       1) If you're using your own gear: when you get your food, all your dry goods will be in                                   cardboard boxes. It is your job to distribute the dry goods throughout all dry boxes                                   on your trip.  
                       2) If you are renting gear from somewhere else, we will coordinate with them to get                                     your boxes and coolers, fill them with food, and return them before your put-in-                                       date.

River Kitchen
You need to bring your full river kitchen, including dutch ovens, grill, griddle, stove, 
       utensils, plates, silverware, dishwashing tubs, sponges, garbage bags, etc. 
Charcoal: all menus include dutch oven cooking. You are responsible for your own                                       charcoal. 
                 You can opt for the Everything Else Pack for many of these items if you are renting your
                       boating gear.
                 We recommend this Packing List. 

All beverages are your responsibility, including breakfast drinks, soda, lemonade, all                                alcoholic beverages, etc. 
                 You can opt for the Morning Beverage Pack with us.

Allergies, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Special Diet, etc.

Food Allergies
If any member of your boating party has a food allergy, you need to let us know ASAP and be sure to mark it on your Order Form.

Special Dietary Needs
If any member of your party has a special dietary need, please let us know. We may be able to accommodate the request, but we may not be able to as well.

Vegetarians are not a problem to accommodate and do not have an extra charge. 

For Gluten Free, there is an extra charge of $10/day/person for GF substitutes. If folks want to bring their own substitutes, we can provide a list. Please be sure to mark this on your Order Form.

For other dietary considerations, such as vegan, dairy free, egg free, etc. we may be able to 
accomodate folks, but we may not. Please talk to us about your group's specific needs. 

Additional or Fewer Days on the Water

Each menu has been put together for a six day river trip. If you are going to be on the water additional or fewer days, please let us know. We will accommodate accordingly and will work with you for your individual trip.  
Kids on the trip

Most of our menu items are kid-friendly, nothing too spicy or off-the-wall. There is always an emergency loaf of bread and peanut butter and jelly for times the little guys don't like what is on the lunch or dinner menu. If your trip has an overhaul of wee ones, please let us know; we can make a few menu changes (add in some mac n' cheese, etc.). 
How the Process Works

1) Decide which Menu choice you are going with, and decide if you will be ordering any of the Additional Packing Options (Morning Beverage Pack or Everything Else Pack)

2) Submit your Order Form with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Payment for services can be via check, electronic check or credit card. You will be emailed a Quickbooks invoice with payment link.

3) UPS your coolers (10 days prior) OR reserve SRFP coolers (at time of order) OR let us know where you're renting gear from.

4) On the day before your river trip, coolers and dry goods can be picked up in Salmon or delivered to Stanley ($150 fee) or delivered to North Fork ($40 fee). If you're renting gear from Blackadar Boating, your loaded coolers and dry boxes will be delivered with your gear. Remainder of balance is due.

5) Post trip: SRFP coolers need to be returned to Salmon. We realize that each trip is different and that potentially none of your party will be returning to Salmon; not to worry, we will accommodate for each group's plans. 

When you have placed your order, you will receive

With your Food and any other Packs you selected, you will receive
Additional Packing Options

These are options that you can choose to include with your food pack:

Morning Beverage Pack (click here)          $22/person/trip     
Fresh Ground Coffee, Tea, Honey, Half n' Half, Sugar,
Cocoa, Apple Juice, Orange Juice

The Everything Else Pack (click here)         $230/trip
These are all of the "extra items" you'll need if you are 
renting your boating equipment or not taking all of your 
own personal gear.
                  Toilet paper, trash bags, dish scrubbies, dish soap, 
                  bleach, Ziplocs, heavy duty aluminum foil, plastic wrap,
                  charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, etc.
These options can be chosen on the Order Form.

Consuming raw or undercooked foods such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, and eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.
Custom Food Packs for Private Boaters on the Main Salmon River, Middle Fork Salmon River, Selway River 
                                                                                Hells Canyon & Lower Salmon River