Where We Get Our Food
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Each menu has been developed to provided nutritious, filling meals for each morning, afternoon, and evening. Our three menu choices each have a unique purpose:

Light and Simple, for hot summer trips with the least time in the kitchen
Hot and Hearty, for early or late season trips when temps are cooler
River Rich, any time of year for boaters who want to spend a little more time in 
the kitchen for more involved, delicious dishes

We have taken care to think about which foods you'll be eating at different points during your trip. For example, in the Light and Simple Pack, your first morning (launch morning) has a light breakfast that you will not need to cook. While it still has all the sugars, carbs, and proteins you'll need to start the morning rowing, you won't need to spend time setting up your river kitchen that morning when you're trying to get off the ramp and start your vacation. (That said - if you really enjoy a full breakfast on your morning at the ramp - please let us know, and we can accommodate.)

Local Salmon, Idaho Products
We have included many local Salmon, Idaho products on our menu. Local products include Salmon Valley honey, using our local butcher at Pete's Meats, Farmer's Market products, jams and jellies, all bread and pastries from Odd Fellows' Bakery, veggies from Swift River Farms when available, and a variety of homemade cookies from Salmon River Food Packs.  

         Our local Salmon, Idaho
  Bakery on Main Street

Breads! Some breads on the menus 
are from Odd Fellow's Bakery.
Owned by Craig and Jessica McCallum, 
their delicious breads and pastries are 
on all the menus almost every day. The 
breads are unique and hearty, baked in 
a wood-fire brick oven.

Craig McCallum and his wood-fire brick oven
Left and Below: Odd Fellows' Bakery on Main Street

Salmon River Food Packs Homemade Items

We took great care when choosing each day's 
menu and food pairings.  A highlight of all SRFP 
menus includes some homemade cookies at lunch!
Consuming raw or undercooked foods such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, and eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.
Swift River Farms

Swift River Farm is a small farm located just north of Salmon, Idaho. They practice sustainable farming methods without the use of synthetic chemicals and grow around 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Swift River Farm is a community supported agriculture project, designed to build, empower, and support our region's community food system. Salmon River Food Packs seasonally buys produce such as salad greens, green onions, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, and califlower, among other things. 
Custom Food Packs for Private Boaters on the Main Salmon River, Middle Fork Salmon River, Selway River 
                                                                                Hells Canyon & Lower Salmon River