Custom Food Packs for Private Boaters on the Main Salmon River, Middle Fork Salmon River, Selway River 
                                                                                Hells Canyon & Lower Salmon River    
Salmon River Food Packs
Simple, Delicious, Easy Food Packs for Private Boaters
Based in Salmon, Idaho
We do custom food packs for private boaters on the Main Salmon River, Middle Fork Salmon River, Lower Salmon River, Hells Canyon and Selway River. 

We have 3 great menu options for you to choose from. Whether this is your first river trip or you're a long-time boater, we'll take care of your food packing needs.

At Salmon River Food Packs, we understand that river time is vacation time. We'll make the process of planning food for an entire trip as painless as possible, at a reasonable and affordable price.

Menus are simple, yet delicious. We use local products as much as possible and can try to  make accommodations for special requests. 
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Although we were hopeful that food prices would come down in 2023, they have not. Unfortunately we have had to increase our prices for the 2023 season. The increase is more than when we have raised prices in the past. The price increase simply reflects the price of getting food to Salmon, Idaho. 
2023 Food Prices